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But Han and Leia visiting Lando to help him sort out issues affecting his mining operation kind of sounds like a Han and Leia retirement activity already. But they are maimed repeatedly, plus killed and brought back to life a few times for good measure.

Despite all the physical brutality that got too graphic for a Star Wars story, the villains were mostly cartoonish. In many places the dialogue reminded me of small children doing a school play. Never before have I been so glad to see my favorite Expanded Universe character, Jaina Solo, practically left out of a story. But I did glare at it a lot. Waru has nothing on this.

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Kay grew up wanting to be an astronaut. Currently a photographer who also specializes in communications and marketing, Kay spends her free time reading, cooking, writing, learning and, of course, making pew pew noises. You can follow her on Twitter. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! In the first big followup to Fate of the Jedi in more than a year, Han, Luke, and Leia are back in action--older and wiser, but as ready as ever to leap headlong into adventure!

The stunning follow-up to Fate of the Jedi! Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia have spent a lifetime fighting wars, bringing the Jedi back from extinction, raising families, and saving the galaxy more times than they can count. They've earned the right to rest on their laurels and let the younger generation shoulder the burden--but fate has another adventure in store for our heroes, a quest only they can tackle and hope to survive A former game designer and editor, he enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, judo, and any sport that involves going fast with boards strapped to his feet.

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