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The debut game from indie developer Kaskuja Studio is a 2D action RPG with a strong emphasis on adventure and skill-based combat. The development of the game began in summer as a side project. Since then, the game has grown from a simple prototype to a full-scale action RPG with a large open world and many hours of gameplay. From the start, the idea was to make something familiar but from a different angle.

The familiar part of the game includes the most common elements of RPG and adventure games. The player is a stranger who arrives in the Kingdom of Skydale and immediately becomes involved in various quests and events. During the adventure, the player searches for items, unlocks new skills, and fights various enemies.

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When compared with other adventure games, Songs of Skydale is more hardcore. The most important idea behind the game was to give the player a sense of adventure without too much hand-holding. For this reason, some typical player aids have been removed. When they do, they are better positioned to succeed in the classroom.

Incorporate physical activity before, during, and after the school day, as well as into daily lesson plans.

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Encourage students to walk and bike to school and back home. Ask the principal to host walking meetings with staff and students rather than meeting in an office setting.

The Best Movement and Action Songs for Children

When posing questions or problems for students to discuss and solve, allow students to take a short walk or even just move in self-space. Set up movement stations or spaces in the classroom with age- and space-appropriate equipment that students can use at designated times.

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Math and Science: Integrate simple movement tasks such as jumping jacks, squats, and running in place into various math concepts counting, equations, and graphs. Create relay races that include math and science problems. Reading: Ask students to spell words using their body to mimic the shape of each letter. Read books that include physical action verbs such as wave, wiggle, jump, skip, shake and slither, and invite students to demonstrate the movements. This not only promotes physical activity, it but helps students summarize and demonstrate understanding.

Or, assign students characters and re-read a story. Every time their character is mentioned in the story, ask students to perform a movement that is associated with the character. Give each student a word to spell by finding the correct lettered bean bags to spell out the word. School Garden: Gardening can provide opportunities for physical activity while learning about nutrition and agriculture education. Gardening requires students and educators to carry items, bend and stretch, dig, rake, and weed.

Alternatively, find songs that students know and rewrite the words to incorporate physical activity. Stick to simple movements and minor changes for younger students and let older students impress you with their creativity!

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  • All students need regular physical activity! It is particularly important for students with special needs to be included in activities that improve physical fitness. Variations and modifications of movements and activities should be offered to students to create a learning environment that is welcoming and respecting of all abilities.

    Build support and coordination of daily, school-wide physical activity opportunities by providing professional development and resources to help teachers get started in the classroom. Make it the new norm together!


    The Best Movement and Action Songs for Children - Preschool Inspirations

    Consider cross-curricular teaching and learning with your physical education teacher by aligning content themes and collaborating on lesson plans and projects. Ask the PE teacher to suggest a few safe, age-appropriate activities that connect to skills taught in physical education class. Develop a plan with your school health team, and seek feedback from the principal and teachers. Share simple ideas and lesson plans to introduce physical activity into the school day. Participate in the physical activities with your students.

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    Students will be more likely to participate if they see you embracing the activity. Engage volunteers by invite school health team members or parent volunteers to gather resources on adding movement to the classroom, asking parent volunteers to assist with tasks associated with school gardens, or hosting volunteers from a local plant nursery or horticulture group to assist with the school garden.

    Use a classroom physical activity tracker to help your students reach 10 minutes daily! Invite parents to participate in active story-time to teach parents ways to be physically active with their kids, or invite older students to be physical activity leaders for younger students.