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In this exciting new miniseries from novelist Gregg Hurwitz You're Next and rising star artist Szymon Kudranksi Spawn , the painful and dark past of one of Batman's most devious foes is examined. How did young Oswald Cobblepot go from being the apple of his mother's eye to the leader of underworld gangs and adversary of The Caped Crusader? Add your own comment. Email Gravatar. Please read the comment rules before you post link below , otherwise your comments may be removed.

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We're just shown these two fairly at-odds traits and expected to believe they can co-exist, right up to the point where Penguin blows everything by being, again, overly emotional and reactive. It's a little hard to swallow. There's also a fair amount of telling instead of showing going on. For instance, at one point, Penguin reveals he's utterly destroyed the life of a man who insulted him. But, we don't see him carry any of it out.

He just tells the man all the terrible things he's done and we have to buy it. It's kind of I'd rather see these things happen to this guy and see the Penguin relish in them than just hear them read aloud like a grocery list of atrocities. Anyway, this felt like it was on the right track to be a pretty solid and unique look at the Penguin, but instead it kind of peters out, transforming into a very standard tragic romance, complete with a blind woman who can't see how hideous Penguin truly is.

I'd say this one is easily missable.

Jan 18, M. This is a really good collection of stories for a Penguin fan, a couple of the stories in here offer a sympathetic view of Oswald Cobblepot in parts. Dec 01, Julius rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. To put it plainly this comic surprised me.

Taking a look at its cover I didn't expect much from it, but it was not long before that changed.

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The story deals with the origin of the Penguin, one of Batman's most well-known villians. From the way it brings across the Peguin's childhood, and the suffering he endured within it, down to the way in which the comic follows his thoughts both current and past I found exellent.

Even the art, not enough to catch my eye very much in it's form, simply fitte To put it plainly this comic surprised me. Even the art, not enough to catch my eye very much in it's form, simply fitted to the story so well that I had to nod my head in its favor. Everything about the comic fitted the story it was telling so very well.

Penguin: Pain & Prejudice (2011) #2 (of 5)

I suggest this to anybody who likes a good look at seeing the world from the villian's point of view. Sep 08, Justine rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , comics. I didn't expect to love this book this much!! It was such a great read, such an intense moment!! He was so scary. But with this comics, I reconciled with him!! It is so sad a story Penguin is born from prejudice and pain, just as the title tells. Society is so hypocrite My heart broke multiple times.

Best comics I read with Red Son. Jan 29, Tim rated it liked it. Like a lot of Batman's enemies, Penguin is an interesting character in the right hands.

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Gregg Hurwitz stumbles a bit here, with the characterization of the titular Oswald Cobblepot veering around, from realistic and damaged, to cartoonishly violent. The best moments of this book make the Penguin feel like a genuine menace, ruining the lives of those that cross him. I just didn't care for Kudranki's art and Kalisz's colors in the book, however. It just feels like they're trying to ape one of Azza Like a lot of Batman's enemies, Penguin is an interesting character in the right hands.

It just feels like they're trying to ape one of Azzarello and Bermejo's classic books, like Joker. The bonus story would be 4 stars on it's own. Oct 18, Louis Skye rated it liked it. Read this because Robin Lord Taylor mentioned having read it in preparation for playing Penguin on Gotham.

Penguin Pain and Prejudice () comic books

I'm sure when it was published it was considered ground-breaking but it feels a bit cliche now. It's almost by-the-book evil. I did love the story of Penguin's childhood and early forays into crime. That was unexpected and very interesting. Not a huge fan of the art. Too dark and I actually couldn't figure out what was happening. Way to ruin the reading experience.

Would have liked more interaction between Batman and Penguin. Penguin thinks of him as a bully but the story never engages with that aspect. Big miss there. May 18, Rizzie rated it really liked it. I was expecting to poopoo this comic, just assuming that the New 52 had ruined Penguin like most other DC characters.

But no, this is actually a pretty excellent deep dive into Oswald's character regardless of universe. It can fit post-Crisis just as easily as post-Flashpoint. Penguin has always struggled to stand out among the wackier villains of Gotham, but this story is a good example of how unsettling and powerful he can be.

Is it derivative?

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But it's also pretty damn engaging. A I was expecting to poopoo this comic, just assuming that the New 52 had ruined Penguin like most other DC characters. And that art, wew. May 07, Matthew Aronhalt rated it it was amazing. Beautiful artwork helps drive this fascinating exploration of The Penguin as a character.

You will feel sorry for him, you will be repulsed by him, you will think about 90 other contradictory things about him often at the same time before it's all over, and that just heightens the strength of the storytelling.