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As it is said in the Dharma, we all desire happiness but most of us actively follow the causes of unhappiness, and feel that qualities like compassion, forbearance, generosity, patience and appreciation, caring for others are only for the spiritual people like monks, lamas and practitioners but the reality of interdependence is that we have to give others happiness in order for ourselves to experience happiness. Negative thoughts and actions never give personal happiness, neither to one's circle of friends and family or to the society at large. E: The main endeavor of the spiritual community will always be to bring peace, harmony and happiness to all countries, through the teachings of the Lineage and also it is the aim of the ADC for the spiritual community to contribute in social service activities- I don.

Not only are several Indian and foreign tourists stranded, the disaster is feared to badly affect the good tourist season that lasts only till September. August is the peak tourist season for visit to the Himalayan region and the tragedy will affect it ," said President of the Indian Association of Tour Operators, Vijay Thakur.

Though he did not give the exact number, Thakur said there have been "major cancellations for next week, at least. The stranded tourists, however, are believed to be safe. The hotels and the guesthouses, though affected by the floods, are still safe," said Lorapa, a Buddhist monk at Hemis Monastery, whom The Indian Express spoke with on phone late Friday eveyning. She has not been able to reach any of her six friends believed to be stranded in Leh. There has been no communication from them for the past two days We have no idea whether they have reached Leh or are stuck somewhere midway," she said.

Though the runway at Leh airport was cleared of mud and stones by the evening, all flights from Delhi to the town were cancelled. Air India has cancelled Saturday's flights also, but Kingfisher Airlines said they woud fly as scheduled. Jet Airways would also operate three flights. Starting before dawn, monks clad in maroon robes recited prayers for the long life of their spiritual leader the Gyalwang Drukpa, believed to be the twelfth reincarnation of the founder of the order, the first Gyalwang Drukpa.

One floor below, hundreds of nuns wearing saffron-fringed caps resembling mohawks chanted, rang bells, beat drums and blew on conch horns in a prayer ceremony that lasted several hours. Followers traveled to Ladakh from as far afield as France and Australia for the ceremonies, as well as from nearby Bhutan -- where Drukpa is the official religion but with its own separate leadership -- and Nepal. A long line of villagers bearing ceremonial gifts snaked around the temple. A wide variety of headgear was on display, including top hats for men and embroidered silk hats with curving brims for women.

Ladakhis from villages surrounding Shey, 15 kilometers nine miles south of the region's capital Leh, began trooping in from early morning for the day's festivities at the Naro Photang Puspahari temple. The spiritual leader arrived after the longevity prayers to accept gifts from monasteries that included Tibetan thangka paintings, carpets and small statues of the Buddha.

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A statue of the Drukpa spiritual leader was paraded before the several thousand people sitting outside before being taken to be immersed in a lake. The Gelukpa, or Yellow Hat line headed by Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, established its presence in Ladakh first -- but the Drukpa order gained favor under Ladakh's Namgyal royal dynasty in the 17th century.

Ladakh's largest monastery, at Hemis, 45 kilometers south of Leh, belongs to the Drukpa order but all four schools have "gompas" or monasteries here. While the Dalai Lama's order is seen by some as more scholarly, the Drukpa sect places an emphasis on spiritual practices like meditation. Buddhist leaders say the number of sects arose as a way to personalize the religion and make it more accessible. Read online version of the article on The Hindu - Catalytic changes are taking place in Leh -- nuns take to learning martial arts while the hills are getting green.

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Read more: Forbidden no more. The relic, originated from the 21 vertebra of Drogon Tsangpa Gyare, the first Gyalwang Drukpa and the founder of the Drupka Kagyu lineage, was on display for the first time after centuries of discovering it. Avalokiteshvara is the compassionate embodiment of all the buddhas residing in ten bhumis 10 stages. Avalokiteshvara pledged to free all sentient beings, manifesting himself in the form of teachers, kings, ministers, ordinary human beings and many others.

In , Tsangpa Gyarey, the dharma king, protector of all sentient beings, was born as a human manifestation of Avalokiteshvara.

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As a sign of true reincarnation of Avalokiteshvara, he left many miraculous relics in his ashes. His 21 vertebrae, left behind in the ashes, naturally turned into 21 self-arisen Chenreyzig statues. Of the 21 statues, the one in the form of Chenreyzig Kharsapani was inherited by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel the incarnation of Tsangpa Gyarey , who later brought it to Bhutan in , when it was kept as one of the main relics in Punakha dzong. His Holiness, the 12th Gylalwang Drukpa explained that the sacred relic that was kept at Namdruk monastery in Tibet was stolen and reached the hands of an elderly couple.

The relic was then returned to the Ralung monastery in Tibet. Since then it has remained with the Drukpa masters. The 9th Khamtrul rinpoche said bodhisattvas are born to help free sentient being from khorwa samsara , using various means to enlighten them. When bodhisattvas die, they pray that their remains in form of relics enlighten all living beings through their senses of light, touch, smell, taste and hearing, thereby, liberating them. Last year, at the first ADC, the Dechok Khotlodompa Cakrasamvara , tutelary deity, a tooth relic of Marpa, the great translator, image of Jetsun Milarepa and a handmade stone image of Dudsol ma, the dharma king protector, attributed to Goenpa Larrup Nagarjuna , were displayed.

Dainik Bhaskar, 28th June , download in PDF format - This story is purely on environment initiatives of Drukpa Lineage in Himalayas and the plantation of trees during this trip. The article also mentions Druk White Lotus school and why it is the only green school in the Himalayas. Boy enthroned rinpoche near Darjeeling - by Vivek Chhetri, Telegraph, 28th October The boys at St Peter's School in Boston will have to be a bit guarded when they get in touch with little Jigme Wangchuk from now on.

Ten-year-old Tashi Norzum, too, will have to get used to a new life and school in Darjeeling so that she is not very far from her brother. The two adaptations in young lives, so everyday in modern times, bookmark a chronicle that stretches as far back as years. Jigme Wangchuk, an year-old boy based in Boston, was today enthroned near Darjeeling as the reincarnation of Gyalwa Lorepa, a monk who passed away in AD. The boy has now become a rinpoche high priest of a Buddhist sub-sect called Drukpa. The Dalai Lama belongs to another sect called Gelugpa but is revered by the entire Tibetan community as he is its spiritual and political leader.

Just as the Dalai Lama is known as the 14th incarnate, the boy will be revered as the Second Gyalwa Lorepa among the sect's followers who number lakhs and spread over mostly Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan.

He can visit Boston later in his life but to deliver discourses. If he badly misses his friends back in the US - he is an American citizen now - he can speak to them but the conversation cannot be as carefree as what year-olds usually indulge in.

Buddhist chanting of Ladakh, India

During his training, which can stretch up to a decade, the Second Gyalwa Lorepa is not expected to speak to lay persons. But the boy can send emails - a digital window to the world he referred to today while fielding questions in writing. The reincarnate touched upon some things he has left behind. His parents - Chosang, a businessman, and mother Dechen - is planning to send his kid sister Tashi Norzum to a school in Darjeeling.

The rinpoche also acknowledged the enormity of the occasion. Reincarnations are identified through an elaborate procedure. In , when the boy was visiting the Kagyu-Nalanda monastery near Mysore, he had spoken of his past life describing his vision of monasteries as they stood then, including one in Bhutan.


Four hours after the boy recited his vision, the 12th incarnate of Tsangpa Gyare - another Drukpa monk - sent word to the family, recognising the boy as Gyalwa Lorepa. The first Lorepa had received his initial teachings from the first Gyare. His followers belong to the Drukpa lineage, which is part of the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. Today, as the drone of gyaling a Tibetan musical instrument rose from the monastery on a mild day - it was 20 degrees Celsius in Darjeeling and 11 degrees Celsius in Boston - the rinpoche wrote down the answer to the third and last question: "I like it here.

Kalenjoj 10 is the third member in his family to turn a Lama besides his elder brother; his 6-year-old sister has become a nun. A simple boy from a tiny hamlet in Nepal, Kalenjoj knows little about the tough metaphysical aspects of Buddhism. For him, Buddha is best known throughout the universe for his teachings of love and com-passion. In this little known place called Bajurai, for children like Kalen-joj getting inducted into lamahood is also tinged with sadness. His year-old brother Sher Bahadur had gone home about two years back and sought his mother's permission to allow Kalenjoj to be dedicated to the service of the Lord and humanity.

For the past two years, he is among the plus lamas of young aspiring monks and nuns in the mo-nastery at the Druk Amtibha Mountain of the Drukpa sect of Buddhists. The Drukpa lineage is one of the main Buddhist schools of thought in the Himalayan ranges beginning from and spreads across Bhutan, Tibet, China, Nepal and India. It claims to have at least 4 million followers. Druk Amitabha Mountain is located in Sitapaila, within the provincial district of Bagmati. It is within walking distance from Kathmandu's famous Swayambhunath Stupa.

The mountain has now become the main training centre and administrative headquarters of the nunneries of the Druk lineage. About nuns from across the globe, especially from the Himalayan range, and young lamas and about participants had gathered at the monastery for the group's second annual Druk Council.

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The daily life of the participants and the nuns during the 8-day long festival primarily consisted of morning prayer, education, learning some martial arts and also education in religious rites and practices. On a different plane, boys like Kalenjoj miss their childhood. Their concept of Buddhism is basic but sound. Tare's father stays in Malaysia, so for his mother it was but a natural choice to allow him to join lamahood as that would probably guarantee a salvation from worldly pathos.

She said she fled her home in Ladakh against the wishes of her parents to join the monastery. Zineet Amo and Zineet Sunam are also from Ladakh but their joining the monastery was voluntary and with the approval of their families. They participated in the day-long special prayer session coinciding with the Council's annual conference and the coronation of the 4-year-old boy reincarnate of Sengdrak Rinpoche , Kyabje Sengdrak Rinpoche. About nuns participated in the special prayers with participants drawn from across the globe including, Bhutan, France, Brazil, England, Hong Kong and Germany.

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